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Reading Room

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Reading room with open stack collection is on the second and third floor.

In the reading room you can use:
•    gathered collections
•    special collections
•    books and magazines ordered from the library magazine
•    standards
•    sources on electronic data carriers
•    students’ own materials, after prior notification to the librarian

Readers, without the need to fill in the request forms, choose the books from the shelves which they can use on site or only some copies can be taken outside the Library. In the reading room there is a self-service scanner, but you can always turn for help to the librarian on duty. All books and magazines have been protected against unlawful removal using RFID technology. Open access specimens have been classified and specially marked. The books which can be used on the spot are marked with a red dot, which is located above the signature on the back of the volume.

The books gathered in the magazine of the Library can be ordered to the reading room. Books, magazines, standards from the magazine should be ordered for reading room use:
•    on the computer request form – if their descriptions are in the computer directory
•    on the paper request form – if we find them only in the card catalog

On the third floor there are rooms for individual and group work.